Rakrakan Festival Band #62: Faintlight

Faintlight! Faintlight! Faintlight! Yes! They are now officially included in this year’s #RakrakanFestival on the MOVE Stage! Let’s all show our support for Ron DelaCruz (guitars/vocals), Bryan Gadia (guitars), Dave Pimentel (drums), and Emil DelaRosa (bass). Consider their performance as the band’s pre-Christmas gift, so make sure to be there and spend one of the [...]

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Rakrakan Festival Band #65: Jeck Pilpil and Peacepipe

Another band to dance with us on Groove Stage! Jeck Pilpil and the Peacepipe is officially part of Rakrakan Festival 2015. This will be their 3rd time to be included in the biggest and the loudest OPM concert of the year, so let’s all expect for their set to be more fun and thrilling as [...]

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Rakrakan Festival band #66: Gracenote

Gracians, we’ll see you all on December 19, 2015 at Globe Circuit Event Grounds! Go show some love and support to Gracenote who is now also included in this year’s Rakrakan Festival! Now on their 3rd year, Gracenote will surely intensify their performance for Rakrakan Festival 2015 with their new and updated sounds. Looking forward [...]

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Rakrakan Festival Band #68: The Chongkeys

Woop woop! The first band for the Groove Stage is here! Yes, The Chongkeys is part of this year’s Rakrakan Festival! "Eto na naman tayo mga chong! Dating gawi! #RakrakanFestival na ulit!!! Lipad!” vocalist Johan Lugtu stated. Now on their 3rd year, members Benjie Estanislao (vocals),  Johan Lugtu (lead guitars/vocals), Dennis Baylon (bass),  Mark Marquez (drums), [...]

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Rakrakan Festival Band #69: Rocksteddy

"Kung hindi kayo nag rock, hindi kayo nag roll! Takits sa Dec. 19, sa Circuit Makati!"   Rakrakan Festival just released the first band in the Move Stage and that’s none other Rocksteddy! Teddy Corpuz, along with Jeff Cucullo (drums/percussion), Christian Sindico (bass guitar/backing vocals), and Juven Pelingo (lead guitars) will surely inject a dose of fun and humour [...]

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Rakrakan Festival VIP Ticket Perks and Freebies

Are you ready to meet your favourite OPM bands? Because aside from the VIP Area, Rakrakan festival now includes Meet& Greet section for the VIP ticket holders. Enjoy tons of quality selfies and on stage photos since VIP ticket holders are also allowed to bring their DSLR cameras. Two Red Horse Beer will also be [...]

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