Rakrakan Festival’s First-Ever Skate Jam Sessions


Last year was just a skate park where everyone was free to skate. Now, with cooperation of Mountain Dew, Rakrakan Festival will be having its first-ever Skate Jam Sessions and all of you, skateboarders, are invited! There is absolutely NO REGISTRATION FEE REQUIRED!


Want to join? Here are the mechanics:

  1. Participant must be a Rakrakan Festival ’15 ticket holder (VIP or Gen ad)
  2. Must be 15 years old and above
  3. Must have own skateboard, helmet, pads, and other necessary gears (or, you can rent out helmets, pads, and other necessary gears at the WeLegendary booth)
  4. Must be in proper skateboarding attire


One winner will be chosen for each of the following categories:

  1. Highest Ollie
  2. Longest Gap
  3. Game of Skate Male
  4. Game of Skate Female
  5. Best Trick on Banks
  6. Best Trick on Funbox
  7. Best Trick on Ledge


For more info, visit: https://rakrakanfestival.com/skate-jam-session/