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18 DAYS TO GO nalang mga tols! Araw araw namin kayong ireremind ngayon kung ilang araw nalang para araw araw din kayong maexcite katulad namin na magkasama sama ulet tayong lahat kasama ang mga paboritong nating artists. Takits dun ha! #RakrakanFestival #PeaceLoveMusic #RHBMuziklaban

Rakrakan Festival x Kreon

https://www.facebook.com/rakrakanfestival/videos/488412725198576/ Rakrakan Festival promotes peace and love for every child together with KREON who believes that every child has the potential to unlock by giving them opportunities that will help them to realize, to sustain, and to share their learnings to become a better person in the future to their walk of life and through their community. KREON aims to be the Key to Reform and Empower Our Nation through a collaborative effort of individuals creating a socio-civic program for the general welfare. These programs include literacy, art, and environmental awareness. Through this, the future of the kids and our community will [...]

Rakrakan Festival x Haribon Foundation

https://www.facebook.com/rakrakanfestival/videos/819060095274250/ Rakrakan Festival supports peace and love of Haribon Foundation with their Vision to transform every individual into a biodiversity champion. Their Mission advocates biodiversity conservation through building constituencies, empowering communities and applying multi-disciplinary approaches. To learn more about their organization you can reach them through their official Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/GoHaribon/ #RakrakanFestival #PeaceLoveMusic #HaribonFoundation #Haribon

Rakrakan Festival x Cancervants PH

https://www.facebook.com/rakrakanfestival/videos/1062690677402047/ Rakrakan Festival supports CANCERVANTS PH for giving love to kids with cancer in the Philippines. The organization believes that healing should not always be expensive. Though there is no cure to cancer yet, for this moment, they've felt like they had somehow healed their sorrows and cast out their sufferings to oblivion through outreach activities like what Cancervants PH does. And if you'll ask Cancervants PH what will it cost to be a part of them? None. You can help heal children with cancer with zero investment but an ignited heart burning with passion to serve, and they believe, its return [...]


19 DAYS TO GO! Papalapit na ng papalapit ang Rakrakan Festival 2020: Peace, Love, & Music kaya naman malapit na rin ulet tayong magkita-kita at magkasama sama. Jam tayo dun ha! Punuin natin ng kapayapaan, pagmamahal, at musika ang buong CCP Open Grounds sa February 29, 2020. Let's G! #RakrakanFestival #PeaceLoveMusic #RHBMuziklaban


20 more days tapos Rakenrol na ulet tayo mga tols! Excited ka na ba? Stay tuned lang sa mga final line up ng stages natin ha and syempre make sure na ticket ready ka narin para sureball ka na sa February 29, 2020, sa CCP Open Grounds. 300 VIP TICKETS LEFT nalang din mga tols kaya sugod na sa pinakamalapit na SM Tickets! Have a great weekend! #RakrakanFestival #PeaceLoveMusic #THBMjuziklaban


21 Days nalang mga tols at magkakasama-sama na naman tayo sa isang araw na puno ng saya, kapayapaan, pagmamahal, at musika. Ticket Ready ka na ba? 300 VIP TICKETS LEFT nalang mag tols kaya sulitin na ang weekend at sumugod na sa pinakamalapit na SM Tickets! Tara let's G! #RakrakanFestival #PeaceLoveMusic #RHBMuziklaban

Red Horse Beer Muziklaban presents: Rakrakan Festival 2020: Peace, Love, & Music

  Red Horse Beer Muziklaban presents: Rakrakan Festival 2020: Peace, Love, & Music February 29, 2020, CCP Open Grounds, Pasay City Lakas Mosh Stage, Aklas Move Stage, TM Center Stage, Lahi Stage, Peace Stage, Slam Stage, Macbeth Stage, Sunugan Battle, Philippine Wrestling Revolution, Merch Bazaar, Skate Clinic, Arts, and many more! TICKETS AVAILABLE at all SM Tickets Outlets NATIONWIDE! - Regular Pre-Sale: P500 - Regular Door: P600 - Barkada Promo (Buy 4 get 1 free): P2000 - VIP Pre-Sale: P1500 - Door Pre-Sale: 2000 *Prices are exclusive of SM Tickets charge VIP comes with: - DSLR Access - VIP Area [...]


  Isang astig na Huwebes para sayo at sa mga troops mo! Our BARKADA PROMO is now available in all SM Tickets kaya sugod na para sureball ang saya kasama ang buong tropa sa isa na namang araw na puno ng kapayapaan, pagmamahal, at musika! BARKADA PROMO Buy 4 Tickets and Get 1 for FREE P2000 + SM Tickets Charge Each ticket comes with a FREE 2 Red Horse Beer. Sugod na mga tols! #RakrakanFestival #PeaceLoveMusic #RHBMuziklaban *Prices are exclusive of SM Tickets charge You can also buy online via https://smtickets.com/events/view/8756. For ticket inquiries call 470-2222 RSVP: Rakrakan Festival 2020: [...]

Rakrakan Festival x Youth For Mental Health Coalition, Inc.

https://www.facebook.com/449677988503278/videos/556586445067623   Rakrakan Festival spreads peace and love together with Youth for Mental Health Coalition, Inc. to fight for the next generation's healthy minds through continuous public education on mental health, progressive policy engagement at various levels, and facilitation of service delivery. By 2020, the Coalition envisions a stigma-free and mentally resilient communities. To learn more about their organization you can reach them through their official Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/YouthForMentalHealth/ #RakrakanFestival #PeaceLoveMusic #Y4MH #YouthForMentalHealthCoalition

Rakrakan Festival x Animal Rescue PH

http://www.facebook.com/449677988503278/videos/1227852314052159 Rakrakan Festival also supports Animal Rescue PH with their peace and love mission for animal and human welfare. Animal Rescue PH help animals and people in need because even pets deserve a second chance. To learn more about their organization you can reach them through their official Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/animalrescueph/ #RakrakanFestival #PeaceLoveMusic #AnimalRescue #AnimalRescuePH

Rakrakan Festival x Salinlahi

http://www.facebook.com/449677988503278/videos/114499209990278 Rakrakan Festival x Salinlahi Rakrakan Festival supportsSalinlahi Alliance for Children's Concerns in promoting peace and love for children. Salinlahi is a non-stock, non-profit national alliance that aims to unite and strengthen the network of various initiatives and concrete situation of the Filipino Children. For more than three decades, Salinlahi has been upholding and promoting the rights of Filipino Children. Salinlahi is leading the Save Our Schools Network – a network of child-focused NGOs, church-based groups and other stakeholders advocating for children’s rights to education particularly in the Lumad Children in Mindanao. To learn more about their organization you can reach [...]

Rakrakan Festival x Virlanie Foundation

http://www.facebook.com/449677988503278/videos/777396666073057 Rakrakan Festival x Virlanie Foundation In line with this year's Rakrakan Festival - Peace, Love, and Music, we, Rakrakan Festival supports Virlanie Foundation Philippines and their mission. While Virlanie’s field-based interventions make a difference in our beneficiaries’ lives, they believe that structural reforms are essential to bring long term change, ensure equity and guarantee human rights, freedom of expression and the true meaning of peace and democracy. Therefore, Virlanie is part of different children’s rights advocacy networks (Child Rights Network, Association of Child Caring Agencies of the Philippines, National Council of Social Development, Makati City Council for the Protection of Children, Dynamo [...]


30 Days nalang mga tols at Rakrakan na naman! Excited na ba kayo? Abang abang lang at malapit na natin mabuo ang full line up natin. Make sure na ticket ready na rin kayo kaya sugod na sa pinakamalapit na SM Tzickets para sureball na sa February 29, 2020, sa CCP open grounds. Takits dun tols! #RakrakanFestival #PeaceLoveMusic #RHBMuziklaban


ATTENTION: UNIVERSITY STREET ART COMPETITION Do you have what it takes to represent your university in one of the most colorful street art events of the year? Well, Nippon Paint Coatings Philippines, Inc. is waiting for you! Calling out all students out there! Get a chance to win cash prizes, special items from Nippon Paint, shirts from Rakista Clothing, and official Rakrakan Festival 2020 event shirt. Just follow these simple steps: 1. Must be 18 years old and above 2. Must be currently enrolled in any course. 3. Must be a group of 3 from the same university. To register, just send your [...]